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Expert Compliance Assistance from AuditGuard 

Streamline the compliance audit process and ensure favorable results when you choose AuditGuard from American Medical Billing Services. Learn more about compliance audit assistance by dialing (800) 829-2177 to make an appointment.

Healthcare organizations must follow a long list of internal and external regulations. Failure to comply with complex policies, procedures, and standards can, at best, affect the organization’s revenue stream. At worst, the consequences may include costly fines and even jail time.

AuditGuard from American Medical Billing Services helps you maintain the utmost compliance and increase your revenue. Our experienced Certified Coding Specialists put their years of training to work, reviewing your coding, billing, and reimbursement processes to ensure every element complies with the most up-to-date regulations. You learn what’s working and what isn’t so you can take the correct steps toward a fully compliant and profitable medical practice. 

AuditGuard: Your Trusted Partner for Compliance Audit Assistance 

Staying on track with the ever-changing rules and standards for medical coding and billing means frequent healthcare audits are critical to remaining compliant. Although the standard is at least one annual external audit, most organizations perform more frequent internal and external reviews to support continuous improvement. 

When our Certified Coding Specialists take a deep dive into your organization’s billing practices and procedures, they look for errors, procedural logjams, and potential risks, giving you a complete view of what’s working in the organization — and what isn’t. We provide a comprehensive report of our findings, with actionable suggestions for improvements to correct deficiencies.

AuditGuard is your audit support partner and includes a one-on-one consultation with your audit report. Our goal is to provide the insights you need to maintain a steady revenue stream and avoid the consequences of noncompliance. Our experts will even give your team additional training and education to improve documentation, coding, and billing practices to address their audit findings. 

CompliancyGuard -American Medical Billing Services

Why Your Practice Needs Frequent Audits 

Monthly audits of your practice’s coding, billing, and reimbursement processes aren’t just about compliance. Audits are a means of revenue protection, and continually checking on a cross-section of accounts supports greater consistency in billing practices, helps the team develop better coder skills, and improves clinical documentation and record keeping. 

Catching errors sooner and more frequently also allows your practice to capture revenue sooner and avoid losses due to mistakes in coding. Whether you’re onboarding new coding team members or keeping existing coders in the loop about changes and updates to workflows and regulations, AuditGuard’s insights are an invaluable development tool.

Confidence in Every Compliance Audit with AuditGuard

Investing in AuditGuard from American Medical Billing Services doesn’t eliminate your compliance burden but makes it easier to bear. Analyzing your practice’s performance can keep you one step ahead of potential problems and protect your revenue stream. Consider some issues you can avoid with ongoing reviews and expert audit support. 

  • Claims of fraud, waste, and abuse 
  • Issues related to downcoding or upcoding 
  • Issues related to unbundling 
  • Using outdated medical codes 
  • Problems with inaccurate charting 
  • Investigative audits from CMS or the Office of the Inspector General
  • Hefty fines and other penalties  

Thanks to the support of AuditGuard, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your coding and billing practices align with the standards.

Benefits of Our Expert Audit Protection Services 

While you could perform compliance audits internally, AuditGuard provides impartial third-party analysis and insights that can help your practice improve and grow. The benefits of AuditGuard’s services include: 

  • Improved charting with fewer errors 
  • Increased revenue thanks to reduced underbilling
  • Faster reimbursements 
  • Streamlined medical billing services workflows  
  • Protection from investigations 
  • Detailed performance reports 
  • Personalized corrective action plans
Avoid Noncompliance and Fraud

Medical billing errors don’t always constitute fraud, but a pattern of mistakes or practices that exploit loopholes in medical coding and billing procedures could trigger an investigation. If CMS or other oversight agencies discover a pattern of noncompliance, the penalties can be swift and costly. 

AuditGuard provides the information and tools your business needs to prevent mistakes and intentional fraud by revealing improper billing and coding practices. This way, you can provide additional training and education or change procedures to reduce risk, protect revenue, and avoid expensive punishments.

Support More Accurate Billing

Inaccurate coding contributes to a host of issues — and it’s a common problem. Failing to code diagnoses, treatments, services, and procedures correctly is an example of noncompliance that can also affect your revenue stream and the overall quality of patient care.

AuditGuard reports help identify the cause of inaccurate billing, like charting errors or poor documentation, so your practice can make changes. 

Increase Revenue

Inaccurate coding can lead to denied or unpaid claims, cutting into the practice’s bottom line. Downcoding can also reduce reimbursement rates, causing your providers to get paid less than they deserve. At the same time, upcoding to more expensive services leaves the practice vulnerable to penalties for fraud. 

Comprehensive healthcare audits identify areas in the billing process that impact revenue. Armed with that information, you can make changes that increase revenues and support profitability. 

Improve Coder Education 

A compliance audit can be valuable for developing your coding team’s skills and supporting improved performance. Some of the ways you can use a compliance report include:

  • Setting quality benchmarks for staff
  • Preparing staff for external audits 
  • Identifying opportunities for further training and development
  • Improving communication

Using the results to improve your team’s performance reduces the risk of future errors, fraud, liability, and decreased earnings. 

Protect Your Company’s Bottom Line and Reputation With Compliance Audit Assistance From American Medical Billing Services 

When you invest in AuditGuard from American Medical Billing Services, you take the guesswork out of analyzing your billing practices and receive clear, accurate, and useful insights you can put to work immediately. With our help, you can feel more confident in your compliance and enjoy more consistent performance and profits. 

Make an appointment with American Medical Billing Services to learn more about our comprehensive practice management solutions by calling (800) 829-2177 or using the simple online scheduling tool to schedule your consultation.