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AutoCard: The Automated Patient Marketing System

Do you want to increase patient retention, secure payment transactions, or communicate more easily with the communities you serve? We have all the solutions your medical practice needs and more!

Are you overwhelmed by how long it takes your medical practice to send out appointment or follow-up reminders to patients? If you want to effortlessly engage your patients, increase loyalty, and streamline scheduling frequency, look into AutoCard from American Medical Billing Services.

The team at American Medical Billing Services specializes in medical revenue management and support services that can optimize your medical practice’s performance while protecting its bottom line. We’re confident that AutoCard is the convenient marketing service you need to connect with your patients and fill up your appointment calendar.

AutoCard: Automated Reminders and Follow-Ups for Busy Patients

Have you considered how much time your staff spends identifying patients who need reminders about important appointments or other things your medical practice offers? When you factor in sending birthday cards and other customer service-related practices that increase patient loyalty, it adds up in time and money. 

Marketing Without the Time or Effort

If you don’t send cards because of the associated costs, you might want to look into a system like AutoCard. That way, you can send the following types of marketing materials and more at a click:

  • Flu-shot reminders
  • Back-to-school physicals
  • Yearly check-up reminders
  • Follow-up cards
  • Holiday greeting
  • Birthday congratulations
  • Brochures

This automated patient marketing system facilitates a wide variety of marketing materials with zero time or effort required and considerable savings up for grabs. Tell us your needs, and let us set up the campaign to help you build lasting relationships with your patients that transcends bland notices about opening times or healthcare payments.

The Benefits of Using AutoCard

What are the benefits of using automated patient marketing campaigns?

Personalized Campaigns

Using the AutoCard service, American Medical Billing Services can help cater to your patient’s needs within the demographics you’re trying to serve. For example, if your practice sees a lot of young families, reminders about back-to-school vaccinations could be helpful to them. If you treat business professionals, brochures highlighting your convenient payment method or secure payment transactions online could encourage them to pay on time and use your convenient services again.

Easy Integration

We know what you’re thinking; systems take time to set up! However, integrating this marketing system into your practice’s existing structure is simple with support from American Medical Billing Services. We’ve also designed the software for seamless consolidation, no matter which systems you’re currently relying on.

Automated Marketing

The beauty of our AutoCard option is that your practice will only need to plan a marketing campaign once. Decide which types of cards you want to send and when, and then you don’t have to think about those details again. You’ll spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time providing the high-quality care you’re known for among your patients.

Improve Patient Relationships

Do you know what’s important to your patients? Besides quality healthcare, they want to know they matter to your practice. Show them that you value them as people by acknowledging that they lead meaningful lives outside of business hours. 

For example, sending regular reminders, follow-ups, and birthday cards could create long-lasting relationships with the people who come to you for care. If they feel valued, they’re more likely to continue choosing your services and recommending you to their friends and family. You might even become their favorite healthcare provider!

Better Appointment Rates

How much money does your medical or private practice lose due to missed appointments every year? If you’re like most practices, the figure is probably significant. 

Sending timely follow-ups and appointment reminders should see a significant reduction in your practice’s missed appointments. The corresponding spike in your success and income is worth it.

Streamlined Communication

As a patient, unclear or late notifications are both confusing and frustrating. Fortunately, AutoCard’s reminders are always timed perfectly. They’re also clear about how your patient can benefit from scheduling an appointment or exploring a service you’re trying to tell them about.

At American Medical Billing Services, we use this convenient messaging and marketing software to help practices like yours increase customer satisfaction across the board. Happy patients will book an appointment instead of skirting the issue until routine healthcare turns into an emergency.

Flexible Communication

Choosing AutoCard doesn’t pigeonhole your practice into sending physical postcards through the mail. We also provide the following methods to communicate with your patients through the channels they prefer:

  • Email messages
  • Texts
  • Traditional mail

Increased Brand Awareness

Your brand might not feel like the most important part of your business compared to providing treatments to your patients. However, recognizability goes a long way toward more patients coming through the door to boost your cash flow. Things like birthday cards or holiday greetings make your brand more visible to existing and potential customers, and every card counts. 

Your practice’s brand doesn’t have to be loud or flashy to attract patients. People just want to know you’re there for their healthcare needs. With AutoCard, they’ll think of your services first the next time they’re feeling under the weather.

Better Improvement Potential

Do you ever utilize patient feedback or satisfaction surveys? If you’re not using these valuable tools, you’re missing a great way to improve your practice’s service delivery and customer satisfaction.

However, many patients feel annoyed if they have to hang around after an appointment to fill out paperwork. Why not use our system to mail the feedback form directly or incentivize the patient to return it? Surveys help you implement data-driven improvements to your clinic so that you can continue to grow.

Let American Medical Billing Services Improve Your Patient Marketing System

At American Medical Billing Services, we know you’re not in the healthcare business because you love marketing. You’re passionate about the treatment you provide to your patients, and that’s how it should be. If you’re tired of how much time patient marketing takes away from the care you’re offering to your community, we can help. 

Start your customized AutoCard marketing campaign—call American Medical Billing Services at (800) 829-2177 today!