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Streamlined Healthcare Credentialing From CredentialsNOW

Make the provider credentialing and payer enrollment process easier with assistance from the American Medical Billing Services and CredentialsNOW. See how we can solve your credentialing headaches by calling (800) 829-2177 to request a consultation. 

As a healthcare organization, you’re responsible for providing patients with safe, quality care. That means ensuring every provider has the proper education, training, and licenses to practice and that their background doesn’t reveal any red flags. Confirming credentials can be complex and time-consuming, but CredentialsNOW makes it simple and accurate with a streamlined process built on years of experience helping others in the healthcare industry. 

CredentialsNOW has the expertise your medical practice needs to keep the credentialing process moving forward without frustrating delays. Our affordable and efficient approach eliminates the guesswork of credentialing, keeping your business on track while ensuring patient safety and compliance with applicable regulations. Let us help you reduce stress and anxiety and provide compliance assurance with reliable credential checks.

CredentialsNOW: Your Trusted Partner for Credential Verification Solutions

Even major healthcare centers and systems struggle with the complexity of the provider credentialing process, yet it’s a critical task for compliant and safe operations. 

Confirming a provider’s credentials offers more than peace of mind that they have the knowledge and skills to provide the highest-quality medical care. Credentialing is a critical element of several key accreditations as well as eligibility for payments, including:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • Health insurance plans 
  • Medicaid reimbursements
  • Medicare reimbursements 
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Background Checks 

During provider credentialing, our experts confirm that the provider has the authorization to practice. This includes verifying:

  • Contact information
  • Educational background, including high school and higher education (bachelor’s degrees) records 
  • CV details, including degree programs completed, residency details, and employment records 
  • Licensing
  • Industry certifications, including board certifications
  • Hospital and medical group affiliations 
  • Proof of liability insurance 
  • Peer recommendations 
  • Sanction or malpractice history 

Depending on the availability of records and processing times, the credentialing process can take anywhere from 30 days to six months to complete. If you have a small, busy practice, your team may struggle to keep the process moving efficiently. Leaving the work to the CredentialsNOW team allows the administrative team to focus on other priorities without delaying the verification processes. 

Reliable Credential Verification With CredentialsNOW

Unfortunately, studies show that many job applications contain false, inaccurate, or embellished information. In healthcare, it’s critical that the people you hire to work with patients have the knowledge and skills they claim, or the outcomes could be devastating. Our credential verification solutions identify incorrect or misleading information to protect your business.

We use various techniques to confirm information, from contacting licensing agencies, schools, and previous employers to conducting independent background checks. Instead of relying on easily forged paper documents, we use advanced technology and methods to seek iron-clad proof of a candidate’s background. With our help, you can feel confident that the person you’re hiring is who they claim to be. 

Benefits of Our Certification Validation Services 

Credential verification is a legal requirement, but the process provides more than just compliance assurance. Working with a professional service provider like CredentialsNOW offers additional advantages, no matter the size and scope of your medical practice, including the following: 

  • Cost savings 
  • Reduced risk 
  • Faster hiring 
  • Reduced burden on your team 
  • Better hires 
  • Eligibility for accreditation 
  • Improved patient care

Faster Hiring 

Credentialing is time-consuming, but our team uses finely tuned, proven techniques to move the process forward quickly. With established relationships and thousands of sources, we can seek primary source verification of provider details without delays.

Improved Accuracy 

Our approach to certification and credential verification ensures near-flawless accuracy. Our experienced, trained, and committed team can uncover omissions, status changes, disciplinary actions, multi-state licenses, and other information that might otherwise be difficult to detect. We can search data going back decades as well as in real time so you can confirm the veracity of all the candidate’s information.

Reduce Expenses 

Relying on your internal team to perform credential verification may appear affordable on the surface, but unless they have the necessary expertise in this area, it’s likely to take longer and cost more. Without a dedicated credentialing team, the work puts a greater burden on individuals who have other responsibilities and takes longer to complete. 

However, those costs may seem minimal when you consider the impact of a bad hire. Adding a provider without the proper credentials to your team is dangerous and opens the door to serious financial consequences, including lawsuits and fines. Your patients expect you to vet providers before they come on board, so doing your due diligence is critical to avoid costly repercussions. 

Maintain Up-to-Date Records 

A thorough credentialing process also ensures you don’t introduce risk by allowing providers to practice with expired or outdated licenses and certifications. CredentialsNOW alerts you to issues with a candidate or hire’s background so you can rectify the issues without facing potential fines. 

Increase Revenue  

Credentialing is a component of payer enrollment. CMS requires verification for a provider to be eligible for Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements. Insurance providers also require credentialing to add providers to the network; without it, your practice can’t bill an insurer for reimbursement. The sooner you credential new providers, the sooner they can bring in revenue. 

Make the Credentialing Process Faster and Simpler With Help From CredentialsNOW

Credentialing can be time-consuming and cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be when you get help from the experts at CredentialsNOW. With the assistance of our diligent team, you can eliminate bottlenecks in hiring qualified team members, increase revenue, and provide your patients with greater peace of mind that they’re getting care from the most qualified individuals. 

Save money and reduce administrative burdens on your staff (including endless phone calls, emails, faxes, and letters) by leaving verification tasks to us. Guarantee that your patients can access quality care when needed by calling American Medical Billing Services to discuss practice management services like CredentialsNOW that support efficient operations. Dial (800) 829-2177 to speak with a team member or make an appointment online.