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iClaim: Stress-Free Medical Billing Services

We help streamline your online claims processing. Call (800) 829-2177 to speak with a representative today.

Are you exhausted from trying to maintain outdated methods of medical billing services? If you want to focus on patients rather than paperwork, consider the benefits of iClaim services.

At American Medical Billing Services, we specialize in optimizing revenue cycles and managing your practice. Running your business shouldn’t require expensive technological networks. That’s why we give you the personal attention you deserve without risking your practice’s financial security.

iClaim Services - American Medical Billing Services

iClaim: Streamlined Online Claims Processing Solutions

We know the challenges that come with medical billing, and our goal is to eliminate these problems with automation, access, and data. Here’s how we use iClaim to solve the most common issues with medical billing:

  • Missing information: Missing or incorrect patient information usually results from poor verification practices. However, verifying patient data is a meticulous process that takes considerable time from your employees. iClaim automates this part of the billing process so you have significantly fewer mistakes and spend less time on busy work.
  • Improper coding: Proper coding usually requires significant education and complexity and can bear heavy consequences if done incorrectly. In our user-friendly interface, you can quickly check coding information to reduce mistakes and quickly send the claim out for acceptance.
  • Poor customer support: With a 97% claim acceptance rate, we’re confident you won’t experience too many issues. However, no system is perfect, which is why we’re standing by to help with friendly and knowledgeable specialists on hand whenever you have issues.
  • Delayed or denied claims: A healthy cash flow is necessary for a thriving medical practice, which is why denied or delayed claims can seriously harm your ability to treat patients. Because iClaim streamlines and automates much of the billing process, it accepts your claims faster and with fewer complications to optimize business management.

The Role of American Medical Billing Services

At American Medical Billing Services, we know you take excellent care of your patients, which is why we want to help you take equally good care of your business. As part of the nation’s largest network of revenue management offices for medical practices, our passion is supporting you.

We provide iClaim as part of our mission to provide affordable software solutions that meet the needs of small private practices. We pair our software options with full-service consulting. We know every small business is unique and work within your existing structure to optimize your revenue cycle and streamline operations.

We’re a solutions-based company. We know the challenges and pain points of running a medical practice, and we’ve developed a full suite of solutions that provide comprehensive support.

Simplify Your Claims Process With iClaim

What makes iClaim the worry-free medical billing solution? This web-based medical billing program grants you complete control over your billing process while reducing the effort and attention you require to successfully submit medical claims. The secret to iClaim’s success lies in its unique ability to provide a web-based application with considerable power and flexibility.

A Streamlined Claims Process

iClaim requires less of your focus because it streamlines the billing process. Our all-in-one web-based application allows you to do everything from a single program, saving you time and money. The system allows you to do the following and more, all from one system:

  • Enter charges
  • Send claims
  • Process credit cards
  • Check coding
  • Manage denials
  • Scan documents
  • Print reports
Automated Verifications

The system’s automated medical eligibility and automated patient appointment verifications mean you spend less time and energy confirming details and double-checking things and more time treating patients. Some practices find the streamlined system also means they need less staff for billing, saving them money on employee expenses.

Online Scheduling

With the streamlined scheduling interface, you can confirm the eligibility of every claim before the patient comes for an appointment. Twenty-four hours before the patient arrives, the system generates a pre-visit bill and processes their insurance. This means that before you even have contact with the patient, you have an incredibly high chance of quickly getting paid for treating them.

Benefits of Choosing Our Digital Claims Management

What iClaim benefits can you obtain for your practice when partnering with American Medical Billing Services?

Efficient Claims Handling

Because our system streamlines the process of handling claims, we pay nearly all of your claims on the first submission. This means you receive your money faster and maintain a more consistent cash flow.

We also have one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry, maintaining an acceptance rate of 97%. With so few rejected claims, you’ll see profits increase while putting less effort into the process. We know your patients are the foundation of your practice, which is why you should spend more time with them and let iClaim handle the billing.

Real-Time Access

Because iClaim is a web-based service, rather than software you install on your office computers, you can access your data from any device connected to the internet. Whether at home or in the office, you can view the status of your billing cycle 24/7.

Improved Reporting

We know accurate and comprehensive data are the foundation you require to make good business decisions. With iClaim, you maintain ultimate control over all your data. With the touch of a button, you gain access to hundreds of reports, updated in real time, so you can make well-informed business decisions.

For more complete control, you can determine how much data you want in your reports. If you find too much data distracting, set your reports to deliver only the basic information you need. However, if you thrive on detailed and comprehensive data, you’ll find everything you need among hundreds of reports about your billing cycle.

Are you ready for a medical billing service that yields less stress and more profit? iClaim from American Medical Billing Services provides streamlined and worry-free billing so you can focus on what matters.

To see what we can do for your practice, call us at (800) 829-2177 today.

Enhance Your Revenue Cycle Management with iClaim Medical Services

Navigate the complexities of medical billing with ease. iClaim Medical Services offers an advanced solution to optimize your claims process, guaranteeing precise handling and prompt reimbursement.