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Cost Reduction Consulting

Effective Cost Reduction Consulting 

Get help cutting your practice’s expenses without impacting service from American Medical Billing Services and Schooley Mitchell. Schedule a meeting today online or call (800) 829-2177.

Everything is more expensive these days, and healthcare businesses aren’t immune to inflation and skyrocketing costs. Maintaining the level of service your patients deserve while protecting the bottom line is a balancing act that presents many challenges for the typical office. When you know you need to cut expenses but aren’t sure where to start, American Medical Billing Services can help with cost reduction consulting services.

In conjunction with Schooley Mitchell, one of the country’s most respected firms, American Medical Billing Services can help you identify opportunities for reducing overhead costs without sacrificing service. Our unparalleled industry knowledge ensures expert insights and ideas for cost savings you might otherwise overlook. From analysis to implementation, we’re on your side to make the process as streamlined as possible. 

Cost Reduction Consulting: Unlocking Savings Through Expert Expense Reduction

Considering everything that goes into operating a successful healthcare business, it doesn’t take long to see how expenses can spiral out of control. Everything from office space to the coffee in the breakroom adds to operational expenses, and all that extra spending can take a big bite out of profit and, subsequently, your practice’s ability to continue improving.

When you work with us, we help identify financial savings strategies that can trim the fat from the budget and allow your organization to operate more efficiently. This involves a three-step process.

Cost Analysis 

The first step is compiling a business operating expense statement, which details every overhead expense, including:

  • Space rental/mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Utilities
  • Administrative costs
  • Human resources costs
  • Office machine and supply costs 
  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Finance and accounting costs 
  • Communications costs 

The consultants then carefully analyze these expenses using specialized tools and databases to identify areas where you can eliminate or reduce expenditures. 

Strategy Development 

Once we know where the money is going, we work on ideas to reduce costs and increase cash flow. These may include:

  • Changing vendors or identifying a more affordable supply chain
  • Implementing zero-waste practices
  • Simplifying internal processes
  • Renegotiating or consolidating loans 
  • Identifying opportunities to lower taxes
  • Changing service options based on demand 
  • Identifying wasteful spending 
  • Finding and correcting billing errors 

We provide strategies tailored to your practice and its current and future needs. We don’t have ties to any vendor or service provider, so you can feel confident that we provide unbiased recommendations customized to your business needs.


A cost reduction opportunity is only useful when properly implemented. We help you put our advice to work and provide assistance and guidance as you take action. 

Efficient Cost Management With Cost Reduction Consulting

Sometimes, just the word “consultant” can spark apprehension among business owners and their employees. Change can be difficult, and many people equate reducing costs with reducing staff. However, our cost reduction consulting services prioritize finding hidden savings and waste to improve the cash flow margin and profitability without affecting services. 

Our network of cost reduction experts and industry-leading tools make it simple to identify opportunities for efficient cost management. In many cases, practice owners or managers are simply too close to the issue to be able to see areas that require attention. An objective third party brings a fresh perspective and proven methods that save time, money, and energy when looking for ways to cut costs.

Benefits of Our Expense Reduction Services 

Even when your healthcare practice performs well, you may find that overhead costs are higher than you expected. If your business is struggling, finding ways to slash expenses could be a matter of survival. 

In either case, investing in cost reduction consulting offers your business many advantages, including:

  • Improved cash flow 
  • More efficient spending
  • Increased accountability  
  • Reduced risk
  • Less financial insecurity
  • Reduced tax burden
  • Technological improvements 

Objective Analysis

Our network of analysts is completely objective, so you can feel confident that we make recommendations based on what’s best for your company. We focus on giving clients the best advice so they can make the best decisions.  

More Favorable Vendor Contracts 

Vendor and supplier contracts are often a source of overspending, but with our help, you can negotiate more favorable terms. Whether we recommend switching to a more affordable source or renegotiating contracts with existing suppliers, you can spend less and earn more while still delivering the same standard and quality of service. 

Working with a consultant to evaluate your vendor contracts can also increase accountability within your office. In addition to looking at the costs of contracts, our experts evaluate the utilization of resources, ensuring you aren’t spending money unnecessarily, duplicating services or products, or otherwise investing in unnecessary contracts.

Investment Opportunities 

Cost reduction puts more money into the coffers, which, in turn, can help support investments in growth opportunities. Consider how you can best utilize the increased cash flow to support your business. From expanding services to purchasing advanced equipment or technology that supports improved patient care, cost reduction consulting can help your practice reach its potential.


Cost reduction consulting from American Medical Billing Services and Schooley Mitchell is an affordable way to uncover cost-saving opportunities without adding to your payroll. Instead of working on a retainer, our fees vary based on the savings your company realizes as a result of our services. We charge a portion of the total savings — money you’re already spending — so you don’t incur additional expenses for our work. 

Get Help With Efficient Cost Management From American Medical Billing Services 

If you wonder whether American Medical Billing Services and Schooley Mitchell can help you, our results speak for themselves: Previous clients saved more than $360 million combined thanks to our efforts. 

When you want to increase profits and cash flow without sacrificing service, engage the services of our cost reduction consulting team and see where you can slash expenses. Call American Medical Billing Services to learn more about how we can help you run a more efficient practice today at (800) 829-2177 or make an appointment online.