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Streamline Your Medical Practice Operations With iDocsNow

Are you ready to make the move toward a paperless office? Learn more about iDocsNow from American Medical Billing Services by calling (800) 829-2177 or making an appointment online.

Is your healthcare services office filled with filing cabinets? Does the team spend hours every week moving paper around? Are you spending a small fortune on paper, filing folders, cabinets, and other supplies?

If this sounds familiar, investing in iDocsNow from American Medical Billing Services can alleviate some of the paperwork burden and support more efficient, affordable, and secure document management. This convenient healthcare technology stores business documents, including patient records, on a single, easy-to-use platform.

iDocsNow: Your Partner for Simplified Digital Document Management

Administrative tasks take up a significant portion of the workweek for healthcare providers and their office staff. iDocsNow eliminates much of that burden. Instead of searching endless rows of filing cabinets and digging through drawers full of paper folders to find information, authorized team members can access documents online from anywhere they have an internet connection using the intuitive web-based system. 

Using the iDocsNow electronic filing system is easy. Simply log into your account and scan paper files to create electronic images. Once uploaded, you can organize and access the files by adding index values to create a fully searchable online filing cabinet. 

Once you implement this healthcare technology into your practice, you can use it to:

  • Create virtual filing cabinets
  • Retrieve documents on demand
  • Print files
  • Email files 
  • Add optical character recognition (OCR) for faster searching
  • Annotate files

Whether you need to share patient information with another provider, address billing concerns, or pull patient records before an office visit, iDocsNow streamlines the workflow. With just a few clicks, you can search for, organize, or retrieve documents, allowing you to spend more of your valuable time on patient care.

Efficient Document Processing With iDocsNow

An efficient and well-organized process for storing and retrieving documents is critical to a successful healthcare practice. However, maintaining paper files can be cumbersome and put more administrative burdens on the staff to store and retrieve files. Rows of filing cabinets can also put sensitive patient data at risk for unauthorized access, resulting in costly HIPAA violations. 

When your practice transitions to electronic record storage with iDocsNow, you reclaim valuable time and storage space. The fully searchable, secure electronic filing cabinets allow your staff to access critical information with just a few clicks or keystrokes. 

Choosing iDocsNow for document management makes it simple to create, access, share, and modify critical documents. In a fast-paced healthcare environment, the simplicity of electronic records management means providers can be more productive with their time and make faster, smarter decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. iDocsNow eliminates the time-consuming manual tasks associated with records management, letting healthcare providers like you focus on what you do best. 

Benefits of Our Digital Document Services 

The sheer volume and complexity of paperwork in the typical healthcare environment are often staggering. Without a well-managed document management process, all that paper can contribute to backlogs and errors. But iDocsNow does more than free up the floor space currently occupied by filing cabinets or allow staff to keep their desks clean and organized. 

Among the other advantages of digital document services, our users enjoy:

  • 24/7 access to practice files from any internet-connected device
  • Industry-leading encryption and security
  • Time savings 
  • More accurate and up-to-date patient records
  • Protection against misfiling or paper loss 
  • Efficient workflows 
  • Accurate paper trails 
  • Real-time collaboration between providers for faster care coordination

Increase Patient Data Security 

Document management solutions are critical to enhanced patient data protection and a cornerstone of HIPAA compliance. Secure encryption, access control, authentication protocols, and audit trail capabilities allow healthcare practices to maintain more robust security policies and control access to sensitive information. 

Improved Compliance

Data security isn’t the only way iDocsNow enhances practice compliance. The platform provides tools to support better documentation, version control, and adherence to information retention requirements, helping ensure proper workflows and reduce compliance risk. Digital document services can help with audit preparations, as well, by streamlining the process for everyone involved. 

Disaster Recovery Capabilities 

A disaster like a flood, fire, or earthquake can devastate a medical practice if it destroys paper files. Electronic storage ensures patient information remains accessible and safe no matter what happens to the physical location.

Telehealth Support

As telehealth services increase in popularity, the ability to access information from anywhere is critical to staying on trend. The iDocsNow platform provides this accessibility while ensuring total data security and protection. Patients enjoy better continuity of care without having the inconvenience of waiting for their providers to send physical documents. 

Maintain an Environmentally Friendly Practice

Going paperless is one way to develop a more environmentally sustainable medical practice. Implementing environmentally friendly practices can help reduce costs and increase earnings; the American Medical Association estimates that the average practice can save $2,000 per physician by going green. Imagine spending less on paper, printing, and physical storage and making better use of every square foot of your office space — such advantages speak for themselves.

iDocsNow is ideal for all healthcare service providers, whether they see patients in person or via telemedicine, whether they have a single-provider practice or a large medical group. It’s the user-friendly, accessible, and streamlined document management system you need to keep the administrative side of healthcare running smoothly.

Grow Your Healthcare Practice With Medical Coding Solutions From American Medical Billing Services 

The reasons to transition to an electronic document management system far surpass those to stick to old-fashioned paper. Using iDocsNow means you don’t have to give up your pen and paper for taking notes or collecting patient information. It simply makes it easier to store, maintain, update, and share paper documents more securely and conveniently. 

To learn more about iDocsNow and how it can help your medical practice, get in touch with American Medical Billing Services at (800) 829-2177 or use the easy online scheduling tool to request an appointment.