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Improve Your Practice Management and Patient Scheduling With Doctible

Are you struggling to manage your practice schedule or seeing too many missed appointments from your patients? You need Doctible from American Medical Billing Services.

Running a medical practice requires a dual focus on business logistics and top-notch care. So, while striving to give your patients the best care, details like missed appointments or text reminders can easily slip through the cracks.

If you’d like an easy way to improve patient scheduling and practice management, why not try Doctible? The software offers ample solutions for patient communications and more. You can focus on changing lives through innovative patient care and let this easy-to-use platform help you master the following:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient communication
  • Practice operations and more

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Doctible: Revolutionizing Healthcare With Advanced Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient engagement starts long before anyone enters the room. From the moment new clients call your practice, they are evaluating your operation.

However, Doctible’s advanced patient engagement solutions ensure a smooth experience from start to finish. Regardless of your patients’ needs, our platform’s tools provide superior solutions to alternatives like Solutionreach. Here are a few of them:

CompliancyGuard -American Medical Billing Services

Automated Patient Scheduling

Getting patients through your doors allows you to provide exceptional care and continue growing your business. Why let changing schedules, late arrivals, missed appointments, and follow-ups fall through the cracks? This innovative system optimizes patient scheduling to offer the following:

  • Keep your schedule full
  • Reduce missed appointments
  • Track patients’ treatment plans

Eliminate the headache of healthcare appointment booking and more—try Doctible!

Customizable Messenger

The customizable messenger feature allows clinicians and team members to communicate important information to patients on their own terms, enabling a more personable experience. The messenger also allows prospective customers visiting your website to interface with team members in real-time. That’s essential if you want people to feel seen and cared for at a critical point in their decision about whether to schedule your services.

After an appointment, you can also use the messenger to ask your patients for reviews. Garnering positive reviews for your services enhances your practice’s image, which also attracts new patients.

Virtual Waiting Room

When patients arrive at your practice, is checking them in and communicating pre-appointment information slowing down your operation? The software’s virtual waiting room feature allows clinicians to screen and check-in patients remotely and preview the medical care process, even for late arrivals. These no-contact processes also ensure the highest standards for health and safety within your practice for a safer experience for everyone.

Two-Way Texting Capabilities

Sometimes, interfacing with patients requires back-and-forth messaging. From specific questions about insurance or billing to essential appointment information, the ability to converse with patients in real-time can significantly improve your practice’s operations and standard of care.

With our HIPAA- and TCPA-compliant, secure messaging software, doctors and their patients can exchange essential information without worrying about data breaches. If you want to eliminate miscommunications and instantly get patients the information they need, easy two-way texting is an excellent solution.

Efficient Healthcare Appointment Booking with Doctible

Doctible simplifies healthcare appointment booking for a more efficient practice. Say goodbye to untidy schedule stacks, patient files, and paper trails—virtual schedulers offer you automated messaging and reminders to keep your patients on track and help you focus on medical care. 

Of course, getting patients into your system more efficiently can also allow you to take on higher patient loads. With more customers coming through your practice, you can optimize those growth strategies and still provide top-notch care, so this software could revolutionize your operations.

Benefits of Our Patient Communication Platform

Doctible provides benefits across healthcare disciplines, including available interfaces for the following categories:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • Chiropractic
  • Physical therapy
  • Orthopedic practices

The system offers you customizable practice management and patient communication, including easy healthcare appointment booking and other benefits, such as:

Improved Patient Communication

Patient communication is one of the top factors in gaining new clients and keeping them. Patients evaluate your operation from the first phone call to the last “thank you” text, so creating consistent systems for patient communication can significantly benefit your practice. The software simplifies communication with customizable automated reminders, responses, and patient interfacing.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Every time your patients interface with your business, you have an opportunity to make them feel important. Fostering this type of patient engagement can solidify your reputation as a top provider in your area. With comprehensive systems to manage clinician-patient interactions, Doctible optimizes your patient engagement.

Streamlined Practice Management

Centralizing information aids practice management considerably, keeping your operations data, finances, and customer service information all in one place. Software simplifies this practice management and maximizes your efficiency day to day.

Accessible Platform

You might worry that integrating more technology into your office space will complicate things, but a user-friendly interface offers an accessible platform for every team member. Plus, with diverse device compatibility, you can always access the software on your existing technology infrastructure.

Fewer Missed Appointments

Missed appointments reduce your profits and cause disruptions to a carefully crafted schedule. By offering high-level patient management solutions, you can fill your schedule, minimize missed appointments, and easily maintain your preferred daily workflow.

Get Streamlined Patient Scheduling and Practice Management With Doctible | American Medical Billing Services

At American Medical Billing Services, we’re passionate about helping practices streamline and improve their practice operations for the sake of their bottom line and patient satisfaction. Why not let our full-service consultants help your practice achieve its growth and revenue goals by implementing programs to enhance scheduling, billing, and collection?

For example, Doctible can help you fill your practice’s schedule, track missed appointments, get more patients into your office, and improve lives through innovative medical practice. It empowers healthcare professionals to do their best work. Could it be the practice management and medical billing service solution you need?

Get more information about Doctible’s streamlined patient scheduling and practice management from American Medical Billing Services at (800) 829-2177, or request a free practice analysis online!