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CompliancyGuard: Your Partner for Enhanced Compliance Management

Your job is to ensure your patients are safe and cared for. Rather than let HIPAA violations contradict this, trust CompliancyGuard!

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, doctors and other medical professionals aren’t allowed to share patient records and information without the patient’s consent. The US Department of Health and Human Services created these national standards in 1996 to keep patients safe. The best way to ensure your team doesn’t violate these rules is with CompliancyGuard.

At American Medical Billing Services LLC, we understand your patients are your top priority. We also understand that a key factor in helping them recover is making them feel protected and that their privacy is secure. But how does this software work, and what are the benefits of implementing them within your organization? 

Effective Compliance Monitoring with CompliancyGuard

ComplianceGuard does more than satisfy HIPAA. It performs regulatory risk mitigation to reduce errors according to the HITECH Act, which encourages establishments to keep electronic health records. It also adheres to Omnibus Compliance, which keeps an individual’s privacy protected for 50 after their demise, among other things. 

Failure to comply can result in termination, thousands of dollars in fines, and even imprisonment. So rather than let your healthcare practice, especially your small or medium-sized one, struggle to comply, reach for superior guidance. By downloading this software, you can track and manage all compliance-related documents in three steps:


If your establishment regularly defies HIPAA compliance, meaning 50% or more of your Covered Entities do not satisfy the act’s requirements, you may receive numerous fines. You’ll also know you need assistance if increasing penalties are encouraging the government to audit your practice. 

The dedicated compliance coach provides compliance management solutions like self-auditing to reduce these situations. During these self-audits, the system reviews and examines documents to pinpoint gaps in information and remedy them with built-in training. The program uses Policy & Procedure templates to automatically do so but also helps train employees so they can better manage information manually. 


The coach reports fully on all cases and regularly updates document versions according to Federal Regulations. With this level of organization, this web-based solution makes your patients’ information available to all those who need access to the documents. You’ll need to show auditors, Covered Entities, state attorney generals, business associates, and the Office for Civil Rights these compliance plans. 


CompliancyGuard, the effective compliance tracking solution, doesn’t end there since the compliance coaches continue without fail to manage all new and old information. It also reviews vendors, employee training, and tracking to catch incidents and remedy them accordingly. By doing so, it maintains your establishment for years to come. 

Benefits of Our Regulatory Compliance Services

However, the benefits of our regulatory compliance services delve deeper since they also offer step-by-step assistance throughout the process. The coaches are always available to answer questions via the HIPAA Hotline. Alongside 24/7 assistance, you’ll also receive other software feature benefits.

Policy development

The program looks at the unique needs of your practice. By doing so, it determines what policies and procedures it should instill into your company so it reaches HIPAA standards.

Data breach management

Sometimes, despite effective compliance monitoring on your part, breaches occur, risking your patients’ safety and your organization’s integrity. This cost-effective compliance tracking system takes care of this, too, by turning attention to breaches and relaying necessary steps to remedying them, such as reporting them to the authorities in a timely manner. 

Staff training

With HIPAA 101, cybersecurity practices, and other staff training modules, employees learn more about HIPAA standards and how to better their role performance according to these rules. These modules also allow you to track each employee’s progress and store it in the software. 

Cloud-based system

The cloud not only allows you to share and access information from anywhere at any time but also reduces the need for extensive hardware, software, or IT integration. Because of this, you receive CompliancyGuard for a small, flat rate and don’t receive added charges. The system also provides more centralized data security and better performance.

Other benefits you’ll receive when you trust our compliance management solutions include the following:

  • A 100% audit guarantee
  • Business associate management
  • Regulatory risk mitigation
  • Attestation management and tracking

Access to SAAS, our web-based compliance guard technology, and our Audit Response Program™

However, our software’s benefits don’t just include document assistance to reach HIPAA standards. Once one of our experienced coaches verifies your compliance program, they’ll ensure others know of your strides and dedication to patient care. 

They’ll mark your company’s website with the HIPAA Seal of Compliance and make it a display next to your professional email signature and office front. The seal shows others that your establishment is safe, keeping patient information secure. In turn, you’ll receive a higher influx of clients, more patient loyalty and retention, and less intervention from auditors and other government specialists. 

You Take Care of Your Patients. We’ll Take Care of You!

When you have a business to run, especially a smaller one, it’s up to you to ensure everything goes smoothly. In the medical field, that includes ensuring employees follow their medical training to provide optimal patient care. It also includes making your patients as comfortable as possible while you treat them, whether in person or virtually. 

Unfortunately, between constant updates with HIPAA rules and regulations, excessive paperwork, and patient treatments, keeping up with compliance can prove difficult. Rather than allow issues to arise, causing auditors to question your records and HIPAA fines to increase, rely on a system well-versed in the matter. 

At American Medical Billing Services LLC, we’re dedicated to you so you can dedicate yourself to your patients. We provide VirtualCare, Cost Reduction Consulting, Audit Guard, and more to manage your practice and optimize your revenue cycle. To learn more about CompliancyGuard and how we can help you make a difference in your company, contact (800) 829-2177 and receive a free practice analysis!