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Efficient Medical Billing With CodeRite

Get the maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter with CodeRite from American Medical Billing Services. Call (800) 829-2177 or make an appointment online to learn how to improve reimbursement rates by up to 30%.

Medical billing is the foundation of any successful healthcare practice. Submitting the correct codes to insurers guarantees accurate reimbursements, steady revenue, and complete compliance with all the applicable regulations while preventing costly errors that can devastate a practice’s bottom line. CodeRite from American Medical Billing Services eliminates the guesswork from coding, so you always submit the best, most accurate codes for optimized revenue. 

CodeRite: Your Partner for Accurate Healthcare Coding Solutions 

Turning medical information — diagnoses, treatments, services, and equipment — into a standardized set of alphanumeric codes can often feel like speaking a foreign language. With thousands of codes detailing healthcare specifics, choosing the perfect one isn’t always easy. 

Although healthcare coding specialists have in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, relevant healthcare services, and payer policies, rules, and regulations, with so many codes to work with, there’s always the chance they’ll select the incorrect one. Such errors can result in claim denials, payment delays, or reduced practice revenue. 

With CodeRite as your medical coding and billing services partner, the likelihood of this happening decreases significantly. Every time you prepare a claim, it goes through a detailed review process with a Certified Coding Specialist. You’ll receive a review (usually within 24 hours) of the claim review, identifying errors or alternative codes that will optimize practice revenue and ensure total compliance with payer policies, HIPAA regulations, and other applicable rules. 

Why Certified Coding Specialists? 

Healthcare coding and billing are complex. A Certified Coding Specialist has advanced training and experience in the field and demonstrated, independently verified proficiency in data quality, accuracy, and coding. These professionals not only have in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, disease processes, and pharmacology, but they’re also experts in various coding systems, including:

  • ICD-10-CM
  • ICD-10-PCS
  • CPT

The Certified Coding Specialists of CodeRite put their skills to work for your practice so you can deliver the highest-quality care with less administrative burden. 

Achieve Coding Excellence With CodeRite 

Inaccurate medical coding and billing can result in significant issues for any medical practice, including the following:

  • Claim denials 
  • Payment delays 
  • Increased work for coders and billers, as they need to correct and resubmit incorrect claims 
  • Increased administrative costs 
  • Lower quality of care as providers perform administrative tasks to handle coding
  • Incorrect diagnoses and procedures
  • Decreased patient satisfaction due to larger-than-expected bills or denied claims  

Any of these issues could create financial instability for the medical practice, but when you invest in CodeRite, you can expect excellence in healthcare coding. Even with a talented and experienced healthcare coding and billing team or a contract with reliable medical billing services, CodeRite provides an extra layer of quality assurance. Your practice’s claim will have more than the correct codes — it will have the best codes. 

Benefits of Our Medical Coding Service 

Why should you choose American Medical Billing Services and CodeRite for your practice’s billing solutions? 

Coding accuracy is critical to ensuring a steady revenue cycle. We want to help your practice thrive and take pride in putting our coding compliance expertise to work to support its success. Our commitment to 100% accuracy in medical billing and our no-compromises approach to compliance mean your practice can continue to provide high-quality care to the community.

More specifically, CodeRite provides:

  • An up to 30% increase in practice revenue (the average is 15%)
  • Insights and reviews by Certified Coding Specialists
  • Real-time reports within 24 hours 
  • More accurate patient documentation 
  • Streamlined workflows that work within your billing solutions 

Avoid Downcoding and Upcoding 

Assigning the incorrect code to a diagnosis or service can have dire consequences for your medical practice. Downcoding means assigning a code for services that cost less or are less complex than what the provider performed. Sometimes, downcoding is an error, while at other times, coders do this to reduce the likelihood of a claim denial, but in either case, it results in a lower payment to the provider.

Upcoding is the opposite: coding services for advanced or more expensive procedures. This practice constitutes fraud and can have dire consequences, even when done inadvertently. CodeRite ensures quality control via accurate medical coding. 

Avoid Unbundling

Unbundling is another potentially fraudulent practice that can result in stiff penalties. By separately billing services that typically occur together, practices can increase revenue, but they can also spur patient overcharges and future treatment problems. Our medical coding solutions prevent unbundling to ensure total compliance. 

Avoid Investigations and Fines 

Our healthcare coding services help protect your medical practice by reducing the likelihood of investigations and fines. Ongoing coding and billing irregularities could trigger fraud investigations. Supporting your coding practice with ongoing real-time reviews cuts down on the risk of oversight agencies flagging your business for fraud, waste, or abuse and the risk of devastating financial penalties (or even jail time) for improper billing practices. 

Improve Staff Development 

Ongoing medical billing reviews create opportunities for targeted staff education and development. Using the information in reports, your team can identify recurring errors, notice patterns, and improve system operations to support a more efficient and accurate workflow.

Precision and accuracy are critical to effective medical billing. When you partner with CodeRite, you avoid the consequences of improper coding and enjoy greater reassurance that you’ll receive proper payments. Get paid what insurance companies owe you.

Grow Your Healthcare Practice With Medical Coding Solutions From American Medical Billing Services 

Choosing the best coding and medical billing solutions partner will help your healthcare practice thrive and grow by optimizing revenue and supporting compliance. We can simplify that process with comprehensive reviews of every claim, reducing the risk of denials, fraud, and other issues that can take precious attention away from patient care. 

Call American Medical Billing Services today at (800) 829-2177 or request a consultation using the easy online scheduling tool to learn more about CodeRite and how easy it can be to manage your practice.