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ChoicePay: Your Partner for Secure Payment Processing Solutions

ChoicePay streamlines payment processing for the benefit of you and your patients. Let’s help you get started; call (800) 829-2177 today.

Collecting healthcare payments has grown increasingly challenging. Many patients may not intend to forget, but their busy lives may mean medical bills fall by the wayside. This leads to frustrating phone calls, stressed patients, and delayed payments.

ChoicePay can help prevent this problem. This program allows you to set up secure, streamlined payment software that makes collecting payments easy. At American Medical Billing Services, we can help you explore payment solutions, set up ChoicePay, and provide ongoing support.

ChoicePay - American Medical Billing Services

Efficient Payment Processing With ChoicePay

Collecting payments doesn’t have to be difficult; ChoicePay makes it easy through an intuitive online portal and simple office software. Designed for ease of use, this program can:

  • Automatically calculate what a patient owes
  • Schedule payments
  • Automate reoccurring payments
  • Collect payment information
  • Process payments

By implementing this program in your practice, you can worry less about collecting payments and focus more on providing excellent care.

Secure Payment Transactions

Protecting a patient’s billing information is essential. You want to reduce the risk of stolen payment data — both for the patient’s sake and for the sake of your practice.

ChoicePay ensures your clients can make secure payments for their peace of mind. This program is fully HIPAA- and PCI-compliant and allows for safe payment transactions, protecting you and your patients.

Seamless Payment Integration

Payment processing solutions are only useful if you can integrate them properly. ChoicePay makes that process simple. You can easily integrate this software with systems like iClaim, allowing you to take full advantage of it.

24/7 Web Access

Patients may want an easy way to check their balance, pay their statements, or adjust payment information. ChoicePay offers them this access; the online patient portal is available 24/7, allowing patients to make payments and check their accounts at any time.

This access doesn’t just benefit patients; it benefits providers, as well. You can access the portal at any time to see when patients have made payments, check billing history, and more.

Benefits of Our Payment Gateway Services

At American Medical Billing Services, we aim to provide our clients with customized solutions that will help them improve practice operations. ChoicePay, in particular, offers several benefits, allowing our clients to enjoy streamlined payment processing and reduce the risk of human error.

  • Get Paid Faster

    Waiting for payments can be frustrating. If you send physical bills, it may take some time to receive a response and even longer to actually process the payment.

    ChoicePay reduces the wait time. This program allows for prompt, secure payment transactions and easy online payment solutions, which means you’ll receive money faster.

  • Improve Productivity

    Manually inputting payment information, checking payment records, and processing the payment takes time. Your staff may spend countless hours reaching out to patients, typing information, and scanning documents — which means they have less time to focus on other tasks.

    ChoicePay helps take this burden off your shoulders. Since the program automatically calculates, collects, and processes payments, your staff won’t need to spend as much time on these tasks. This, in turn, means they’ll have more time for training, patient care, and more, improving your practice’s overall productivity.

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction

    Complicated billing procedures can frustrate patients. Some may struggle to navigate confusing online portals, resulting in them leaving without paying. Others may want a more convenient way to make payments; sending money through the mail can sometimes be frustrating, after all. Without a streamlined payment solution, patients may become frustrated with your practice and stressed about missed payments — and may eventually decide to move to a new provider altogether.

    ChoicePay helps reduce frustration and improve the overall patient experience. By offering easy online access, a simple navigation system, and secure payment solutions, it makes it easy for patients to complete payments. This, in turn, can boost a patient’s overall satisfaction.

  • Reduce Expenses and Patient Debt

    Even the most cautious individual can make mistakes. Perhaps you accidentally duplicate payment data, forcing you to find a way to solve the issue. Or, maybe someone forgets to bill a patient — or bills them twice.

    Maybe you simply spend a lot of time handling billing inquiries over the phone. All of these situations cost time and money, reducing your practice’s efficiency.

    ChoicePay helps reduce the risk of human error by automating many of these processes. It automatically calculates, collects, and processes payments, which helps you save time and money.

    In addition, it can help reduce patient debt and ensures you receive payment. Complicated billing procedures may prevent patients from paying their bills; ChoicePay makes the process easier, making it more likely patients will pay on time. Take advantage of this program an


Explore Payment Processing Solutions With Help From American Medical Billing Services

Trying to collect payments from patients can be a frustrating, time-consuming endeavor. In addition, it’s easy to potentially input data incorrectly, leading to missed payments or double billing. All of this can result in patient frustration, delayed payments, and wasted time.

ChoicePay allows you to reduce the risk of problems and collect payments in a timely, efficient fashion. At American Medical Billing Services, we’ll help you integrate this program quickly. We offer:

  • Outstanding customer support
  • Innovative solutions to address the needs of every practice
  • Reliable, secure payment gateway services to improve productivity and efficiency

We aim to help practices reduce the time spent on clerical work so they can focus more on what matters: their patients. We understand that every practice is different, and so we take the time to listen to your needs and offer customized solutions. When you partner with us, you’ll receive professional support, quality services, and expert advice at every turn.

Set up ChoicePay and enjoy prompt healthcare payments, simple revenue management, and much more. Call American Medical Billing Services at (800) 829-2177 to learn more about our medical billing services today.