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QuickCollect: Your Partner in Efficient Debt Collection Solutions

At American Medical Billing Services, we strive to deliver fast results. Call our professional collections team today for more details!

Running a bustling medical practice takes up a lot of the staff’s time. With so much to do, managing your company’s receivables likely isn’t a top priority, but it should be. The longer you wait to address overdue accounts, the less likely the practice will get all the money it should receive from past clients. 

You could send those past-due accounts to traditional collection agencies or embrace QuickCollect from American Medical Billing Services. Our company specializes in effective debt collection solutions as part of the country’s biggest network of medical revenue management offices. With QuickCollect, we can help your medical practice take a proactive and affordable approach to debt collection. 

Efficient Debt Recovery With QuickCollect

Failing to manage your receivables will affect your practice’s cash flow, which could impact its financial stability. Part of taking care of your patients includes ensuring you provide reasonable payment methods and tactics for overdue account holders without leaving past-due accounts to snowball into considerable debt. 

With the help of American Medical Billing Services and the QuickCollect system, you can practice efficient debt recovery. QuickCollect consists of a fully automated system that engages with indebted customers in a non-aggressive way to encourage them to make timely payments. With this system, you can recover many accounts quickly without relying on collection agencies with big fees and fewer results. 

Through QuickCollect from our company, you can:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Enjoy an affordable debt collection system
  • Use a system with a debt recovery rate more than twice the national average
  • Have detailed reporting on your account receivables

Our system doesn’t work like a traditional collection agency. This web-based system lets you stay in complete control of your receivables and decide when to escalate your debt collection efforts. 

Benefits of Our Collections Agency Services

Not only will QuickCollect target your facility’s overdue accounts before becoming uncollectible. The program and our professional collections team’s expertise will also help you experience these benefits firsthand.

Excellent Transparency and Client Control

Since we’re not a conventional debt collection agency, you don’t have to give up control over your company’s debt recovery process, nor will you have to do all the work yourself. Thanks to this web-based system, you’ll receive daily reports and insights about your debtors and current efforts to bring past-due accounts up to date.

Personalized Approach With Clients

The last thing you want to do during revenue collection is unintentionally turn your clients away. Harsh collection practices, poor customer service, and ineffective debt collection methods can make clients less likely to want to work with you. 

Fortunately, QuickCollect’s automated system provides a direct, personalized approach to encourage customers to make their past accounts current. This approach facilitates a positive relationship with your customers as well as repayment plan negotiations. 

Top-Tier Revenue Collection Efforts

Losing too much of your business’s profits will quickly affect your daily operations. With this system, you can dramatically reduce the number of open unpaid accounts and improve your cash flow. Because our system proves highly effective, you’ll have a greater chance of recovering your profits. 

Lower Collection Costs

When debts remain unpaid for too long, you might consider going to a traditional debt collection agency to reclaim some of the money clients owe you. Unfortunately, these agencies charge incredibly high fees without necessarily having a high success rate. Adding collection fees on top of missing revenue can cause financial strife for your medical practice. 

QuickCollect makes an affordable and effective alternative to traditional revenue collection options. We’ll help you grow your resources instead of spending too much of them. 

High-Risk Account Identification

Some past-due accounts are more high-risk than others. Through predictive modeling and data analytics, the system can quickly identify potential high-risk accounts, allowing you to prioritize which accounts you want to address early to keep them from becoming uncollectible. 

Customizable Payment Plans

Sometimes, financial difficulties make it hard for customers to make standard payments. With QuickCollect, you can offer flexible repayment plans to those who need them. By encouraging a mutual solution, you’ll provide excellent customer support while managing your debts effectively. 

Reduced Workload for Your Practice

Your staff could spend time managing your company’s overdue accounts, but those efforts could detract from their other duties. With our automated debt collection system, your team can focus on their daily tasks. 

Seamless System Integration

The design of this web-based system lets it integrate into many invoicing and accounting systems seamlessly. You’ll experience a smooth workflow with automated systems and little need for manual inputs. This enables you to use the system quickly so you can start reclaiming your practice’s lost revenue.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Personalized attention and flexible repayment plans from QuickCollect will help you turn your customers into loyal, long-term clients. Debt recovery can be overwhelming for businesses and clients. Still, people appreciate reaching financial agreements that benefit both parties without creating unnecessary fuss and stress. 

Safe and Compliant Debt Recovery System

Debt collection involves sensitive customer data like:

  • Banking information
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Credit and debit card numbers 

Thankfully, the QuickCollect system takes data security seriously, so it goes above and beyond to protect your business and your clientele’s information. The program and our American Medical Billing Services team take pride in our commitment to data security. 

The program also complies with the legal aspects of debt collection, which can be challenging to navigate. The system adheres to all relevant laws and regulations regarding debt collection and data protection to give you and your clients peace of mind. 

Turn to American Medical Billing Services for Reliable Healthcare Payments

Here at American Medical Billing Services, we offer some of the best revenue cycle optimization services for various types of medical practices. Our goal focuses on helping medical facilities save money while collecting the payments due to them from clients without requiring costly debt collection services.

Our financial solutions include QuickCollect, iClaim, CodeRite, and more. Call (800) 829-2177 today to request an appointment with us at American Medical Billing Services in Los Angeles, California.